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Trailblazer Artisan Soap


Intoxicating scents of amber, patchouli, nag champa, citrus, and Tahitian vanilla.


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Trailblazer Artisan Soap for Men

/ ˈtrālˌblāzər/- A pioneer, an innovator, or a person who makes a new track through wild country.

Size: 4oz (113g) and measures approx. 3″x2.5″x1″ Packaging: All soaps are labeled and wrapped in smell-through, biodegradable shrink wrap.

Handmade in Portland, OR
Made in United States of America


USE: Gentle and mild soap for hands, face and body. Grab a wood draining soap dish to help your soap last longer



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Vegan Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, water, sustainable palm oil, sodium hydroxide, cocoa butter, rice bran oil, fragrance.


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