Eco-Luxury with a Touch of Whimsy

Meet the Artist - Ree Lesher 
"As an artist, I am driven by a passion for creativity and self-expression. I find that there is no greater medium for artistic expression than soap design. The endless possibilities of color, texture, and fragrance allow me to channel my creativity and bring to life unique and beautiful soaps that inspire and delight."

Artist photo


Our Story 

Welcome to Dragonfly DayDream, where art and soap collide to create a truly unique experience. Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2002, we've undergone many transformations throughout the years, starting with jewelry-making and evolving into the world of soap-making.

At Dragonfly DayDream, our mantra is "Eco-luxury with a touch of whimsy." We're passionate about creating beautiful, unique bath and body products that transport you from the ordinary to the extraordinary. We only use earth-friendly and skin-loving ingredients, making our products sophisticated enough for the eco-conscious individual who wants to indulge in a little bit of luxury without compromising their values. We take pride in crafting soap designs with unique fragrances that will captivate your senses, and we're always looking for new ways to delight and inspire our customers.

For us, the art of soap design is about more than just aesthetics. We are also committed to using only the highest quality, skin-loving, and earth-friendly ingredients. With each bar of soap that we create, our goal is to not only bring joy and beauty into the world but also to provide a moment of indulgence that is both nourishing for the body and soothing for the soul. We hope that each soap that we create will be a reflection of the beauty and magic that can be found in the world around us, and that it will inspire others to embrace their creativity and find joy in the everyday.

What really sets Dragonfly DayDream apart is our "beautiful accidents." Every batch of soap is unique, with designs that are always a surprise until that first bar is cut. The excitement of never knowing what we'll create next keeps us constantly evolving and changing, just like the quote by Heraclitus that inspires us: "Change is the only constant in life."

We're committed to reducing our carbon footprint and giving back to our community. We use responsibly sourced ingredients, including sustainable palm oil, and have 21 solar panels on our roof to power our studio. We also use biodegradable shrink wrap and support local and global charities, including Anacaona Community, the first soap recycling initiative in Haiti.

Whether you're looking for a luxurious addition to your self-care routine or a special gift for someone you love, we're here to provide a truly unique and memorable experience through the art of soap-making. Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your journey.