Directions for Use


Handmade Disclaimer


All products are for external use only.  Keep away from children except under adult supervision.

Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.  Please note:  Our products are processed in a facility that uses nut oils.  Our most common oils used are coconut, palm, olive, rice bran, castor, shea butter, and cocoa butter. (For a specific list of ingredients please check individual listings).

Discontinue use if irritation occurs and seek the advice of a physician if the irritation persists.  

Bath Bomb Directions:  Fill the tub with warm water.  Unwrap, place the bath bomb in the water, and enjoy the fizz.  Get in and relax.  Please note:  Large 7oz Bath Bombs are intended for use with a standard full tub. Holding a bath bomb in hand and/or using less water will intensify scent and color which is not recommended. 


Since products are handmade, the product may vary slightly in appearance from the product in the photo.  


Display - Display out of direct sunlight. Our products are wrapped in biodegradable shrink film. If the wrapping becomes loose, use a heat gun, embossing heater, or hairdryer to shrink wrap.  

Cold Process Soap – To prolong the life of your soap, place it on a draining soap dish to let dry between uses.  Store in a dry, dark place like a cupboard or paper bag.  Do not store in a bathroom or airtight container. Cold process soap needs to "breathe". Use within 2-3 years. Cold process soap is fully cured when you receive it, however, it may shrink and become loose in the packaging, and this is normal.

Glycerin Soap (Clear Soaps) – Place on a draining soap dish to let dry between uses.  Store in a dry, dark place or airtight container. 

Bath Bombs – Store in a dry, airtight container and keep away from moisture.  Any moisture may activate the bath fizzy.  Use within 6-9 months. (Our bath bombs tend to have a longer shelf life if stored properly).

Body Butter & Scrubs -  Store in a cool area.  Caution: glass jars, do not drop.  Use within 1 year.